Jen Snider, MSW, LCSW

Feel free to set up a consultation if you have questions. 

Feel free to set up a consultation if you have questions. 

I believe in the power of support, especially when life's challenges and transitions are the most active. 

In my work helping people to stabilize, heal and grow over the last twenty years, I have so often been witness to the courage it takes to seek support, and the profound ways life can change as a result. Therapists and coaches like me endeavor, above all, to create a reliable relationship through which you can explore your own pathways to greater peace of mind and wellbeing.

My practice is grounded in mindfulness- and compassion-oriented therapeutic support, as well as non-dieting approaches to healthy eating and lifestyle habit change. I am also actively training in emerging brain-based approaches to regulating our precious nervous systems, as well as specific interventions aimed at the wellbeing of caregivers and helping professionals who support people living with chronic or terminal health conditions.

Therapy or coaching with me may be a good fit for you if:

  • You are troubled by experiences of anxiety, sadness, low energy, shame, overwhelm or isolation.
  • You are navigating a tough transition or the effects of an overwhelming  life experience. 
  • You are interested in changing your relationship with food and eating in healthy ways.*
  • You aim to find new ways to make self-caring and sustainable habit or lifestyle changes. 
  • You are struggling to find balance among the many roles and responsibilities in your life.
  • You are perhaps interested in mindfulness- and compassion-oriented approaches to healing and change.

If you find yourself described by any of the above, please know that these are deeply relatable human experiences. You are not alone, and if you are struggling, there are many things that can help. I hope you'll reach out.

I offer free phone or in-office consultations and am very happy to help make connections if I'm not the right fit for you.

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*My work with food and lifestyle change is gratefully informed by the principles Mindfulness-based Eating Awareness Training and Health at Every Size®. 

**On a personal note, I am an adoptive mom of a seriously awesome kiddo through open adoption. I welcome the opportunity to work or talk with anyone related to the experience of adoption.